Natural Stone Patios

Natural Stone Patios look amazing and are generally hard wearing, but like timber decks they do get dirty and have unsightly green “stuff” on them which makes them not only unattractive, but slippery and dangerous. And lichen and mildew will, if left long enough, cause substantial and expensive damage to your stone patio.

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It is very important when cleaning natural stone, especially the softer stones such as Hinuera Stone, that the correct technique is used. The most important thing is to make sure that a high pressure water blaster or (so-called) patio cleaner is NOT used as it will cause pitting in the stone and possibly break corners off the tiles.

It is very important that the correct chemicals are used – we use only water, NZ manufactured Bio-degradeable pH Neutral cleaners and a NZ made Biocide which will provide up to 12 months protection against re-growth of moss, mould, lichen and bacteria.

DO NOT ever use a chlorine based product such as ’30 Seconds’. It is bad for you, your plants and your deck and natural stone. It may appear to work quite quickly, but chlorine is a poor cleaner and breaks down very quickly in sunlight.

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For more information or to arrange for a quote for your Natural Stone Patio to be properly cleaned call or e-mail Grant on 021 280-4579 or