What does it cost?

Before we quote on any job it is inspected and measured to ensure there are no nasty surprises, but it is possible to get a rough idea of what it is likely to cost based on our experience. Below are some indicative estimates, but please remember this is not a quote, and the actual price may be lower or higher.

Full Deck Clean @$15.00 + GST per square metre. A typical deck is around 6 metres long and 4 metres wide = 24 sq m, equals $360.00 + GST

Deck Staining @ $9.00 + GST per square metre. In the 24 sq m example that is $216.00 + GST plus a good quality oil based stain in your choice of colour. A good stain is between $15 – $20 per litre, and 1 litre will cover 6 – 10 sq meters.

Deck Wash (this for decks in very good condition that only require maintenance i.e. 6 monthly) $10.00 + GST per sq m.

Fence & Retaining Wall Clean $30.00 + GST per lineal metre at a height of 1.8 metres. Fences take a long time to clean, but there are other options, please feel free to call Grant to discuss.

Concrete path & driveway clean $2.50 – $5.00+ GST per square metre depending on the situation.

Cedar cladding. This can really only be estimated after a site inspection and ascertaining the condition of the cedar and any coatings that have already been applied.

Deck balustrades & steps. As with cedar, these can only be estimated based on the individual site. What I can say is that they are quite time consuming to clean, at least twice as long as a deck, and very time consuming to paint or stain. This is due to them usually being a distance off the ground, having 6 sides (each vertical has 4 sides, a joist it is attached to at the bottom and some sort of handrail at the top. A recent example had the verticals at 125 centres, were 1.3 metres high, had a 200mm deep bottom joist and a 100mm wide handrail over a 100mm horizontal, and for over half it’s length needed ladders and planks to access the “outside” half.

DSCF0826 DSCF0827 DSCF0851 DSCF0881

They are time consuming, tricky, awkward and often very difficult.

All of the above price indications are subject to many things that can alter the price such as location, height, access, restrictions on when access can be granted.

If you have any questions about what it might cost please contact Grant on 021 280-4579 or grant@deckclean.co.nz I am happy to answer any questions you may have.