Why clean and seal your deck and timber?

The first and most important reason for cleaning and maintaining your deck, fence, retaining wall or cedar cladding is to keep it looking good!

From the timber’s point of view the most important reason is to maintain the timber’s integrity which in turn will make it last considerably longer, saving you a lot of money.

You really don’t want your place to end up looking like these;

P1030138 P1030019 P1030172 DSCF0765  DSCF0819

If you are planning on staining (or re-staining) your timber, contaminants need to be removed before applying the stain. Contaminants include dead wood, old or failing sealer, mold, mildew and dirt. When contaminants are removed new sealers/stain can form a strong bond to the wood fibers and increase the life of the new sealer.

Mold and mildew grow spores in the wood fibers and do not allow the wood on your deck to dry, increasing the chance of rot. This mold growth and rot is most often seen at the butt ends of the deck boards. Over time, this rot will cause your deck boards to become brittle and loosely attached to the floor joists.

Reasons for sealing decks and timber

Keeps out moisture – Moisture will eventually cause rot but before it does water will wash away natural resins and color in your wood.

Protects UV damage – In our opinion this is one of the biggest reasons for staining your timber. Prolonged UV damage will break down cell structure causing wavy ridged surfaces, often times leading to large cracks and splinters.

Inhibits mold growth – Nobody wants a moldy deck, fence or cedar weatherboards. It’s slick, dangerous and your timber can’t breathe so it can’t dry. The Timber stains we use contain mildewcides, as do the specialised cleaning products we use, aiding in the prevention of mold growth.

Appearance – A clean and stained deck, fence, retaining wall and cedar cladding is much more welcoming than a neglected one.